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10th English Unit Test Question Paper

CLASS : X                                                                                                               MARKS : 60
I. Write the synonyms of the following words 5 ×1 = 5
1. glum 2. forlorn 3. coarse 4. alms 5. piteous

II. Write the antonyms of the following words 5 ×1 = 5
1. popular 2. rare 3. private 4. piteous 5. inability
III. Choose the sentences that are correct in its meaning 2 ×1 = 2
1. a) Everyone must sea the see.
b) Everyone must see the sea
2. a) We will set sail for Japan next week.
b) We will set sale for Japan next week.
IV. Supply suitable question tags 4 ×1 = 4
1. Give me your pen please, ……………………?
a. will you b. won‟t you c. shouldn‟t you
2. Let us go for a picnic, ……………………?
a. will you b. shall we c. should we
3. Students should use the time usefully ……………………?
a. will you b. should they c. shouldn‟t they
4. There is no water in the tank ……………………?
a. is it b. is there c. isn‟t there
V. Rewrite as directed 2 ×2 = 4
1. The teacher asked me whether I was going to join the Medical course or the Engineering course. (Rewrite the sentence in direct speech)
2. The teacher said to the students, “Have you done the problem which I have given to you yesterday?” (Rewrite the sentence in indirect speech)
VI. Answer any 5 of the following questions 5 ×2 = 10
1. What was Hughie‟s financial status?
2. What was the beggar‟s true identity?
3. Why was Hughie upset?
4. What made the old man look a typical beggar?
5. What was the condition laid down by the Colonel to allow Hughie‟s engagement to Laura?
6. Why is the model‟s face his fortune?
(DT) .SSLC ENGLISH UNIT TEST -1--9677747957
VII. Answer any two of the following questions in a paragraph 2 ×5 = 10
1. Who was Hughie? How had Hughie treated the model who posed for Trevor?
2. What does the poet of “Beautiful indisde” say about „inner beauty‟?
3. Narrate the story “Sam” in your own words.
VIII. Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer the questions 5 ×1=5
1. “A Geode can split to reveal”
a. What is a geode?
b. How does a geode look?
2. “Piles of purple crystals”
a. Pick out the words that are alliterated.
3. “May seem as plain as can be?”
a. What is the figure of speech employed in the above line?
4. “Then what gems would we see?”
The figure of speech employed here is ……………………
a. Simile b. Personification c. Metaphor
IX. Identify the character/speaker. 5 ×1 = 5
1. “Guess I‟ll call you Goldy”
2. “Thank you, Shelly”
3. “We need to find his owner”
4. “Gee, What happened to you”
5. “Someone must have trained him”
X. Match the following 5 ×1 = 5
1. Shelly - put a notice in the newspaper
2. Goldy - real owner of the dog
3. Mom - blond labrador
4. Diane - separated Diane and Sam
5. Traffic accident - nursed the paw
XI. Write a dialogue between a customer and bank manager regarding opening a new account with at least ten utterances.
5 Success Is Not Destination It Is Only Journey


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